Fit tea 28 day slimming tea

Fit tea 28 day slimming tea detox for weight loss and slimming wholesale price


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Fit tea 28 day slimming tea detox for weight loss and slimming wholesale price

Advantages of us

1.The health benifits of our medicinal herbal teas as below:for weight loss, slimming and detoxing,for regulating blood sugar level(controlling diabetes), high blood pressure, high blood lipids,for kidney,for digestive system,for lady’s beauty,for sleeping well,for heart,for lung,for eyes,for liver,for hair,for bra plus,for foot,for anti-alcohol
2.28 years manufacturer of health medicinal herbal teas in China.
3.Safe quality, 100% nature organic raw material .
4.Certificates of HACCP,ISO22000,ISO9001,FDA registered no,GMP etc
5.OEM ,ODM or private label orders are available.
6.Inner tea bags very easy to carry and brew in any place.

Tea+filter paper bag + plastic envelop+box+carton

Product Features
Mining and organizing on the basis of folk prescriptions,condense essence with advanced technology.
Natural materials without any additives,research prove it’s reliable and safe, no toxic side-effects.naturally caffeine free .
Exclusive formula,technique,taste accomplish its unique effect.
Organic combination of tea with chinese medicine, traditional culture and modern technology ,effectiveness and convenience.


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